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Just thought that I would share this little DVD with all of you good people.

We all went to Thorpe Park on Thursday and we all went on the Saw Ride, we didn’t realise just how scared our son was until we watched the DVD!!!!!

We felt terrible but at the same time it made us laugh so we uploaded it to youtube!!!!



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I am all about the shoe today!! Well thats a little lie I am all about the shoes everday!!!

I was skipping through a very well known magazine today, and came across a wonderfully outrageous pair of shoes by Miu Miu, they are not out until September so you will have to wait until then or be put on a waiting list and they are a snip (if you are flush in the pocket, or a rock star/film star) at £575.00 they may not be your everyday pair of shoes but they are pretty, I love the colour purple or lilac and the metal and contrasting orange, I would have to put them on my wall they are so pretty!!! 

Miu Miu shoes soon available in Purple - So pretty!!!

The picture shows the black pair and can be brought here – http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/81206

Oh I do love shoes!!!!

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